Stickers you would typically find on a car of Hindu

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Though Hindus are concentrated in India you will find Hindus everywhere in the world. Hinduism may not have spread far and wide like other religions but Hindus certainly have.

Hindus are mostly religious and have grown so more in recent years due to socio political factors and they now proudly wearing the religon on their sleeves or showing off on their vehicles.  We have compiled a list of stickers that you would generally find on a Hindu's car.

1. Ganesha Sticker

Ganesha, Ganpati, Vinayaka known by many other names is the the God of Auspicious beginings. Its the top most used sticker on vehicles. Its a common practice to apply a Ganesha sticker when a new vehicle is bought. It is applied both on interior and exterior part of a car.


Ganesha sticker for car

2. Hindu Sticker

Hindu sticker is yet another one of our best selling sticker, very popular among Indian residents and NRIs. We have seen considerable interest for this sticker from Indians living across the world. The Hindu word in Hindi / Devnagri script mostly preferred in Orange color.

hindu sticker for cars

3. Om Sticker

Om is considered a sacred sound in Hinduism, considered to the cosmic hum created during the creation of universe. The om is the one of the most recognizable symbol of hinduism. You will find the Om sticker widely used on cars especially by Devotees of Shiva.

Om sticker for cars


Mahadev Tilak Sticker
Tilak sticker of Lord Shiva is very popular among Hindus, One of our oldest design still one of the best sellers. The sticker consists of 3 horizontal tilak stripes with one vertical stripe in the center denoting the forehead and third eye of lord Shiva. The sticker comes in dual color variant is often applied at the center of the front windscreen of the car.

Mahadev tilak car windscreen sticker

Swastika sticker
Swastika is considered an auspicious sign in Hinduism, it is used on cars aswell as door or in Pooja Rooms. It is said to bring good luck and prosperity. The swastika symbol is often drawn with sindoor whenever a new car is bought. 

swastika car sticker

Lord Shiva Sticker
Lord shiva also known as Adi Dev or the First among the Gods is most popular among car users. The Shiva stickers are often used on windscreen and bumpers. Lord shiva is considered as the creator of Yoga.

Adiyogi shiva car sticker rear glass

Hanuman Sticker
Hanuman sticker with the Angry hanuman face designed by Graphic designer Karan Acharya can almost be considered a viral sensation. The sticker ended up on a large number of cars.  The design is very eye catching and conveys the new found virality of Hinduism.

hanuman car sticker

Krishna Sticker

Krishna is a Major god in Hinduims, incarnation of Lord Ram. And the narrator of Bhagwad Gita in Mahabharata. Krishna sticker is mostly used as wall decals but also as car stickers. We have found krishna stickers to be popular among more women than men.

lord krishna car stickers

Balaji Tilak sticker
Balaji Temple in south India is the richest temple in India. The Balaji tilak sticker is used widely by the devotees of Balaji. Urdhava Pundra Tilak sticker symbolizing the feet of Lord vishnu. The Tilak is worn by Vaishnavities (Followers of Lord Vishnu) .

balaji tilak sticker for cars

Ram Sticker
Ram sticker in Hindi font is used widely within India and world wide for cars. The sticker featuring in Hindi text is often bought in orange color. The sticker is very popular among North Indians and NRIs.
ram car glass sticker

There are many other Hinduism symbols and designs poupular among Hindus like trishul, Hinduism flag and others which all can be found here

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