DMCA Takedown / copyright

Maya stickers does not represent any manufacturers, organizations, or companies displayed in the online store. All products, including vinyl decals are available at and by the request of customers. All the company or product logos included on this site are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies, and are provided as a convenience only for their lawful use.

It is the expressed intent of Maya Stickers that any unauthorized use of the aforementioned items by the purchaser shall be the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Purchase of any product from Maya Stickers is not authorization for the use of any specific logo or trademark nor does Maya Stickers represent that it has obtained such authority to grant such use by the purchaser. By clicking “Add to Cart” you convey to Maya Stickers that you have authority (if required) to use the above artwork.

Almost all the designs listed on website has been added on request by customers with the intent of providing a convenient method for the customers to place orders. The stickers are bought by customers who love the listed brands in question and want to showcase them on their vehicles. The stickers are bought with the sole intent of automobile modification and decoration.

While we believe that stickers are great way to build and promote brand loyalty, and most brands don't have problem with people showing off the brands they love on their personal vehicles or gadgets. But some brands might have problem with  that and we respect IP and copyrights. If you believe that your IP or work has been copied and want them to be removed, 

please contact us on support [ at ] with relevant details to have the listing taken down with 24 hours.

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