How to Remove stickers from cars and bikes

Posted by rakeshmaya 22/10/2023 0 Comment(s)

There are basically two types of stickers one which comes with permanent adhesive and other ones with removable adhesives. The stickers available on our website in both matte and gloss variant come with removable adhesive. They wont leave behind any residue once they are removed. These decals can easily be pulled if they have been applied within 5 years.  Stickers that have stayed on your car or motorcycle for more than 5 years or have been applied on places with high heat like engine cover or exhaust  will have to be scraped out,  in most cases still they wont leave any residue.

The reflective variant stickers on our website come with permanent adhesive and are very difficult to remove. We dont really recommend the use of reflective stickers for the same reason thus we have only white reflective option currently.

Printed OEM graphic stickers also have permanent adhesive and they are very difficult to remove. The older they get the more difficult they are to remove. These kind of stickers need to be heated so they can be removed. Heating the sticker with a heat gun or hair dryer will loosing the bond and will make it easier to remove the stickers.

No matter which process you follow these OEM stickersy are bound to leave behind glue residue which can be very difficult to remove. You can use Acetone / Nail polish remover / rubbing alcohol / WD 40 oil to remove these residue. There are also some sticker remover liquids availble which you can buy online. Dab any of these liquid in a rag cotton cloth and rub hard over the glue residue to remove them, mind you it will take a good amount of time and effort to get rid of residues.
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