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Hummingbird decal sticker for cars, bikes, laptops

Hummingbird decal sticker for cars, bikes, laptops

Hummingbird decal sticker in custom colors and sizes suitable for application on cars, bikes, laptops, scooty.

Hummingbirds are  worlds smallest birds. Their wings beat 50-80 times per second, enabling  hovering, and even backward movement. With exceptional vision, they can see ultraviolet light.

Individually cut stickers on High grade colored vinyl. Suitable for application on any surface Indoor or outdoor. Weather proof with an outdoor life of more than 4 years and indoor life of 8 years. (There is no guarantee for reflective vinyl, Reflective vinyls may leave behind glue residue after removing since they come with permanent adhesive, choose vinyl type accordingly while placing order in color) ** Available in custom colors. These are not cheap printed stickers but cut from high quality vinyl so they rarely fade and are ultra high density. Ideal for applying on laptop, cars, bikes, helmet, mobile or wall. There is no background, whatever surface you paste on becomes the background. All decals sold on maya stickers come pre applied with transfer tape for easy application. Stickers are packaged between layers of cardboard thus your sticker will arrive without any bend or scratch.

Small:  4 inches wide x 2.7 inches height
Medium:  5 inches wide x 3.5 inches height
Large: 6 inches wide x 4.2 inches height
Combo: All the above sizes

1 quantity = 1 sticker

When 2 stickers are ordered together in same color and size, 1 of the sticker will be flipped to the other side for application on both sides of the vehicle

Contact us for other custom sizes

Hummingbird decal sticker for cars, bikes, laptops
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